Your Own 12 Month Sexy Calendar

Get Yours Now !!! The 12 Month Sexy Pinup Calendar all about you. !!!

Now’s your chance to have a Calendar with your own beautiful – glamorous – SEXY Photography.  Come to Boudoir Photography Atlanta for this truly unique opportunity. Wouldn’t your sweetheart love to have a calendar that is all YOU??? We’ll click hundreds of sexy portraits in bunches of settings and then custom design a 12 month Calendar just for you. Our Calendars come in 2 sizes – the 11 x17″ and the 8.5 x 11″. All Calendars also include a 13th photos for the Cover. This is all created in our Studio. You can join in the creative design process or let our Creative Director custom design your Calendar for you. –  Sessions Just $99.

We understand that our models want to look their very best.    Every photo in your Calendar will be retouched and enhanced to perfection. You’ll be amazed at all the “touch ups” that are possible these days with computers and digital photography. For example … you want to look tanned but didn’t have a chance to spend time in the sun/ That is no problem … we’ll make your skin glow with a beautiful island tan.  Or perhaps you’d like to be a bit more “high school skinny” ???   Once again no problem – our computer Artist can slim and tuck to your heart’s content ! Photography these days is really pure magic in the right Artist’s hands.

All our photo sessions are private with just our model – photographer and make-up artist on the “set”.

Call us today to set up your “free” creative consultation. We’ll answer your questions and help you with all your wardrobe and make-up questions.

Call 770-354-5047 today !!!


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