To create a really sexy portrait you need to EXPOSE YOURSELF !!!

Don’t be shy … You need to Expose Yourself

Each Client has a look and a style that they are wanting to portray in their Sexy Portraits. Men and women look at portraits in their own unique way. Women love emotional photography that tells a story and has personality. Men love powerful “in your face” photography that has impact. When my female Clients first call me they describe the perfect boudoir portrait as being “classy”, “pretty”, “soft”, “elegant”, “beautiful” …

 Some Clients want fashion and others want sexy. There can be a nice blend of both as long as you understand that boudoir photography is usually more about your face and your body and less about the clothing you are wearing.

The biggest mistake my Clients make in selecting wardrobe is wearing too much fabric. Before I get into offering suggestions let me say that if you are wanting to own a collection of fashion model portraits then feel free to bring all the styled wardrobe outfits that you want. However if you are looking to own a collection of sexy portraits where you look like you stepped out of the pages of Victoria’s Secret or Playboy then read on.

 Like I said, the biggest mistake I see is choosing wardrobe that covers up too much of your figure. DO NOT stress over trying to hide that tattoo you wished you never got or the “C” Section scar that followed the birth of your daughter. And don’t go nuts over the stretch marks on your breasts or the cellulite. Just about everyone (yes even the super models) have a few body parts they are not happy with. Your Photographer has a bag of tricks to deal with just about any “problem” area you wish you didn’t have.

 What did I say ??? TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER !!!

 My point is that you want to expose and show off your best features. Every woman has several of these. Maybe for you it’s your eyes and your legs.

 Obviously you and your Photographer will want to hide, shadow, and or camouflage your weaknesses. Your Photographer has quite a few additional tricks and secret weapons to help with these problem areas including what we call digital surgery. Again… don’t stress over looking perfect.

The top models don’t and you shouldn’t either. Your Photographer is a magician.

Trust me !!!

Have a look at the sexy portraits on this page – “Less is More” as the saying goes –  wouldn’t you agree?

Live Love Laugh,


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