Clients ask … “Can I buy a CD of my Photo Session?”

For most of my clients their upcoming sexy Boudoir portrait session is the first experience they have with a professional Photographer.  The first call I receive from a new client is usually a series of questions about prices.  Since my clients have very little knowledge of how a Boudoir Session works I completely understand why all they know to ask is pricing questions.

Another more and more common question from the modern  “digital” generation is  – “Can I buy my Photo Session Images on a CD?”.

The answer is yes.  However a CD of your favorite Images is a Product that is only available to our best clients. All of our Image Books and our Top Level Print Packages come with a CD of  “digital copies”  of the images in their specific Product.

However,  we don’t simply sell a CD of the raw photos from a photo session. The reason is that the photographs that we capture during a portrait session are just the first step in the process of creating your portraits – kind of like a blueprint is the first step towards the building of a home. The fine tuning that we do to our clients portraits the days after their photo sitting are all part of creating the best portraits possible.

After each Photo Session the Photographer and Creative team do quite a number of adjustments and enhancements to the portraits.

These include things like:

  • Editing the full photo session of many hundreds of camera clicks down to the best of the best selections
  • Then the images are Color Corrected and Color Enhanced to bring out the best color, sharpness, contrast, etc.
  • Finally the very best Edit Selections are cropped and prepared for a final Show-n-Tell presentation to our client on our large projection display system
  • Later on after our client picks their favorites for Prints, Albums, etc we invest a few more hours “Touching-Up” the final selections to perfection

Our Studio often invests more hours in this Post Production than the actual photo sitting. We are serious about creating works of art and we work really hard to make sure all of our clients get plenty of our time and attention. We simply not willing to compromise on the exceptional quality that we provide to our clients. Our clients have come to expect this from Boudoir Atlanta with portrait photography that is dazzling and the most beautiful.

Come and Experience Sexy !!!


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