One of our Secrets is Our Studio !!!

Other Photographers call me to ask – “how in the world does Boudoir Atlanta create so many amazing photos so often”?
Of course there are lots of reasons with experience leading the list. However in all honesty one of the reasons is our actual studio space is huge and set up to make great portraits.
We have a ton of sets and dozens of backgrounds. If you have never had the pleasure seeing and actual Hollywood Studio Warehouse then you probably have no idea of what all goes into creating the surroundings for great photography. As much as I love going on location for the shear variety of backgrounds I also have to admit that a really “BIG”  studio is awesome!!! Our Studio is 3200 square feet and  offers the opportunity for perfect fashion style lighting – toasty warm climate on those freezing winter days and a luxurious cool environment on the days when Atlanta is so so so hot!!!
Our Studio is in Midtown Atlanta near the oh so hip Atlantic Station Shopping Area (can you say Ikea – hahahaha). We are just across the street from Georgia Tech University. Parking is free and right in front of our front door. Sparks Studios faces a new restaurant called Six Feet Under that opened up a short while ago. The calamari tacos are to die for !!!
Like I said… we love to shoot outdoors and on location but there is nothing like having a BIG Studio. Check out the photos below. The next time you talk to a Photographer… ask them about their studio. If they say they only shoot outdoors or in their basement then I’d say bye bye… “I’m just sayin”…
Enjoy Life – Laugh – Have Fun

The Studio at Boudoir Photography Atlanta


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