Don’t be Fooled – There are Scams Everywhere in the Sexy Boudoir Portrait Business

When shopping for a Photographer for their sexy boudoir portraits – why do so many ladies seem to lose their minds and lower their standards?

As with any business there are the good – the bad- and the ugly.  Boudoir Photographers are not immune to this truth. . If there was ever a time when Quality & Expertise was of paramount importance –  I would say that choosing the very best Beauty Photographer is your goal.  Take note … this photographer is the person who is going to be taking pictures of you wearing tiny bits of clothing (maybe even less). If anything…. I would now be raising my standards and wanting only the best of the best Photographer!

This Boudoir Portrait is a great example of beautiful lighting, great wardrobe, elegant props, super model pose, and a client trusting the Photographer. Cheap is the last thing on our client’s mind…

I feel for you because other than posing for some Wedding Photography most people have never been in front of a Professional Photographer. Few people know how to interview all those “Professionals” they find in their Google Searches for “Boudoir Photography”.

Relax – I am going to help you.

“Why trust me?” you say. Well here are some facts. I’ve been a Professional Photographer for over  28 years – I was hired by National Geographic Magazine straight out of college at 22 yeas old… At 28 I had already worked for just about every fashion magazine on the planet. I’ve been in the same Commercial Studio in midtown Atlanta since 1981. There are NO NO NO shortcuts. It takes a deep passion to be a master Photographer.

Everyone these days is claiming to be a Professional Photographer. These sly “Debbie Digitals” and shady guys working out of their “Basement Studios” are after your business. They are all trying their best to make you believe it only takes a business card and a digital camera to call yourself a Professional Photographer. On Google everyone “looks” the same.

There are no shortcuts to being really good at a Profession. Whether you are a pro basketball player, a doctor, or a top salesman it takes education, experience and passion to be the best.

OK so here are some of the things that should set off alarms bells in your head.

  1. If the Photographer is Cheaper than everyone else you should run away…. no don’t walk … run !!! When anyone in a business is cheaper than the rest of the pack it means they can only compete with lower prices. Photography is one of those things that “you get what you pay for”. I’m sorry to pull that old cliche but it’s absolutely true. [period.]
  2. If the Photographer is going to give you a CD of “All” of your images … hang up. I know I know I know… You are thinking to yourself … but I do want a Cd with all my images. NO YOU DON’T. You want a CD of your best images touched up to Perfection. Even the most perfect super model needs touch ups and re-touching. The best Photographers are going to make sure you own sexy portraits where each image is a work of art and breath taking. I’m sure most of you have a tattoo or a stretch mark you don’t want to see in a hundred photos.
  3. If the Photographer suggests you shoot in a nice hotel room somewhere… hang up the phone. Sure, every once in a blue moon I have a client ask me if I can photograph them at a really nice Bed & Breakfast or a luxury hotel suite. However when this question comes from the Photographer it usually means he/she does not have a decent studio or is working out of their home or perhaps renting a studio by the day. If the Photographer doesn’t have a studio ask yourself why.
  4. If you look at the Photographers “portfolio” online and all the photos look the same with the same black or white wall or the same headboard you can be assured the is all they have for your pictures. There are roughly a dozen Photographers specializing in “Boudoir” in Georgia. Only 3 of them have commercial studios. The rest work from home or rent hotel rooms. Some of the studios do their best selling a look that is all about hairstyles, tattoos, and extremely styled make-up  each time photographed on dark wall backgrounds. This pinup look is fine but my clients are far more satisfied if they get lots of variety. The real studios are going to have tons of backgrounds, sofas, props, set walls, etc.
  5. If the Photographer says “everything is included” I would laugh and then hang up. Boudoir Photography is all about the woman, her personality, what makes her feel good, and above all else looking beautiful in her portraits. If the Studio is telling you “everything” is included they are once again pulling the – we are cheap card. These sneaky studios know that woman are usually sensible with money and cheap (everything’s included) sounds good. There is no substitute for quality when it comes to fine art Portraits !!!
  6. If the Photographer says – “You don’t need to come meet for a Consultation” or “we charge for Consultations if you really want one” I would walk away. Yes I understand that you’re busy and a Consultation is going to require that you set aside some time for a meeting but formulating a plan is critical to good beauty photography. We offer free creative consultations at my studio.
  7. Lastly you need to ask the Photographer how long he/she has been doing Professional Photography. I’ve heard 20 year old photographers say they’ve been in business 10 years. OMG … really are we not able to run the math on that lie? …. Beauty Photography is one of the hardest of the photography specialties. It takes serious commitment and more importantly lots of experience to do it well.

I can go on and on with this topic of – don’t bee fooled – but this article has already gotten a bit long winded. Hopefully I’ve given you a few tips on what to look for when you’re choosing your Boudoir Photographer. Feel free to email, message, text or call me with any questions. I am always happy to help.

Live – Love – Laugh


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