Say No to Before After Photos !!!

I laugh !!! It appears there are a lot of Boudoir Photographers out there on Google trying their best to fool you with “Before and After” samples of their photography. I don’t and never will show photos of my models (clients) before they look their very best. Let me tell you why before/after pictures are an injustice and usually an out an out fraud.

First of all – no woman wants to be seen all over the world wide web looking bad. I have too much respect for my client’s feelings and privacy to even think about posting “before” photos. Plus it is obvious if you look at these so called before/after photos that they are faked. In other words the Photographer and his team have gone out of their way to click the model with poor lighting, no make-up, a ridiculous camera lens selection, boring background, and often an UN-flattering facial expression.

If I was looking to do a boudoir session and I found a Photo Studio showing before/after photos I would run for the hills…

As with any Portrait Session the goal is to create, capture, and display YOU looking your very best. Every model is different. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. The best of the best Photographers will use a variety of tools and techniques to bring out the model’s strengths. It is a fact that no one is perfect…. even the most beautiful supermodels benefit from great lighting and “retouching”. Yes – even those Victoria Secret models are touch up.

At my Studio we touch up every photo our client wants to own to PERFECTION. We brighten those eyes, smooth the skintone, remove the inevitable stretch marks, hide the unwanted tattoo, shrink the tummy, slim down your waistline. and even pump up your breasts if you want.

We only show our clients looking their very best. All Portraits are touched up to perfection…

The best of the best Photographers have so many tricks, techniques, tools, and abilities to make you look amazing. Don’t be fooled by those tacky Before/After photos…

Live – Love – Laugh


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