Introducing Body Painting – an Exclusive Offer only from Boudoir Photography Atlanta !!!

I am so excited today !!! For months I’ve been looking for something new to add to our line of products and services at Boudoir Atlanta. Well here it is … Body Painting. The art of sexy portraits with YOU as our canvas. Body painting has been around for a number of years in magazines like the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and even in Playboy. However this art is new to the adventuresome clients looking for something completely out of this world sexy. After a lot of research and major experimentation I’ve teamed up with a very talented body painting artist (Dia Starr) and her wonderful team at BSD Creative. Check out this photo … our beautiful model is wearing little more than a pair of undies and an amazing corset created entirely from paint !!! Wow !!!

Sexy Body Paiting with You as our canvas

Body Painting available from Boudoir Photography The original glamour studio in the South

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