Watch Out for Boudoir Photography Coupon Deal Scams

I just got off the phone booking a new client who had a miserable experience with one on those “traveling” boudoir photographers. If you don’t know what I mean then let me explain. There are several types of Beauty Photographers that specialize in glam and boudoir. Some of us work in an actual commercial photography studio like Boudoir Photography Atlanta. Next are the photographers who work out of their homes (yes you actually shoot in their bedroom, living room, basement studio). LATELY there seem to be a lot of the “Traveling Photographers” that travel from city to city and simply rent a hotel room for bunch of 1 hour photo sessions. These traveling photographers are easy to spot because their entire portfolio is a collection of models on a bed and models posing in front of windows. Of course in a hotel room how much variety is there … lol.

OK now back to my client with the bad experience. She saw an ad on a Coupon Website for a one hour $25 Glamour Special that included a couple complimentary 5×7 Prints and 60 retouched digital images. Is this what she got? No – of course not. She told me she had to arrive makeup ready and then she was rushed through her 3 wardrobe changes in about 45 minutes. The funny thing is she told me another model arrived early and was told to wait out in the hall. Ouch how rude !!! Here is where it gets crazy. After getting dressed the client and the photographer (a female) sit on the bed and look at her photos on a laptop computer to pick favorites. In less then 10 minutes the Photographer recommends 20 favorites and quotes 3 packages – $1800 – $1650 and $1200 (including her 2 free 5x7s). My Client’s reaction is shock and then “you’ve got to be kidding”. She decided to just  take the 2 free 5x7s and put still had to pay $19 for shipping (with 3-4 weeks expected delivery).

You see there is no way for a Photographer to pay for a nice hotel room & travel expenses without charging a healthy fee for the Photography products. It’s simple economics and sadly these scam deals are all over the Coupon Websites  like Living Social and Groupon. A deal is only a deal if it is a deal (feel free to quote me …lol)

Honestly I never ever bad mouth other Photographers but I do tell my prospective clients to be careful and do your research. If you buy an online deal then call and ask a lot of questions about what is and is not included. Ask if there are hidden fees (i.e. shipping) and of course ask for some basic pricing on Products. If my new client had know that print packages started at $1200 then she wouldn’t have bought that deal. If at all possible I suggest you set up a consultation with the Photographer. Here at my studio we offer free consultations to discuss everything from makeup to what things cost.

Please please please watch out for scams. As the saying goes… If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is!

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