Frequent Questions

Q: What is a Pre-Session Consultation?
A: This is one of the most important steps in a successful boudoir session. Let me first mention that all Pre-Session Consultations are “FREE”. During this meeting you will first and foremost get to meet us in person. This first meeting is a real ice-breaker and will help to ease your concerns and calm your nervousness. We will discuss wardrobe, props, and the basic style that you want for your photo session. Additionally we’ll talk about make-up, grooming, and your comfort-zone.
We prefer out pre-consultations to be in person but if you live far away we can talk at length on the phone.

Q: I’m rather shy and worried about my body shape. I’m not as skinny as I would like to be. Can you help?
A: People come in all shapes and sizes. Our job here at the Studio is to feature your positives and minimize areas that you are self-conscious about. We are going to use our skill and experience along with awesome lighting techniques, flattering poses, props & accessories, and a bit of computer magic to make sure you look fantastic in your photographs. You need to relax and trust us. We’re professionals and this is what we do for a living.

Q: I have tattoos that I don’t like anymore. Can you hide these?
A: This is a very popular question. Sometimes hiding problem areas is a matter of wearing the right wardrobe or turning your body. Other times we will turn to our skilled Darkroom Artists. They can do wonders with things like tattoos, skin blemishes, and scars from operations, birthmarks, etc. Simply tell us about your concerns and we will take the appropriate action.

Q: I’m nervous… what is it like to do a boudoir session?
A: It’s normal to be nervous when you try something new. With many years in the profession, our Photographer is going to put you at ease. All of our Sessions are upbeat, light hearted, and fun. You will quickly calm down and simply get into the “experience”. Our clients always tell us that had so much fun and how easy we are to work with.

Q: Can I bring a bottle of wine to help relax me?
A: Of course… A couple sips of wine can take the edge off your initial shyness. We also recommend that you bring along some favorite music CDs or your iPod with a favorite playlist. Additionally you might want to bring a fluffy bathrobe and slippers for in between wardrobe changes.

Q: Can I bring a Friend?
A: Yes absolutely. However we do want to mention that when our clients bring along a best friend they often become more nervous and shy. If you do bring along a friend we recommend that your friend pitch in and help you with your photo session as an assistant and a cheerleader.

Q: Who will be in the Studio while I’m having my portraits made?
A: Great question… Your Photographer and possibly your Make-up/Hair Stylist will be the only ones in the room with you. Our Boudoir sets are “closed” and private. We learned long ago that extra staff members, kids, family members, and even your friends can be very distracting.

Q: How much do I have to bare?
A: You bare as much or as little as you want. This is your boudoir session and we want you to get the photographs that you dream of. Some of our clients want jeans and a tight sweater – other clients want to bare it all. This is your choice and we have complete respect for your wishes.

Q: I’ve never modeled like this before. How do I pose?
A: Don’t worry about poses. Our Photographer is going to guide you all the way. Of course if you have ideas we are happy to experiment with anything you can imagine.

Q: I am not a 20 year old model. Do you do boudoir photography with women of all ages?
A: Most of our clients are ages 25-65. We specialize in making beautiful and sexy portraits of all our clients no matter their age or body type.

Q: Will you come to my home for my Photo Session?
A: We can come to you if you prefer. However we need to chat with you about the photographic possibilities at your home. We’ll want to make sure your rooms, walls, and settings that will make for good photography.

Q: Do you ever photograph Boudoir sessions outdoors?
A: Yes. Outdoor can be really special with so many possibilities. If you are thinking outdoor then make sure to discuss this with us beforehand so we can make the necessary plans.

Q: What should I bring to my boudoir photo session? How many Outfits?
A: This is our most popular question. Of course the answer depends on the “Style” of your session. Generally you will want to bring 5-7 outfits. However in all honesty you can’t bring too much wardrobe. The more you bring the easier it will be for our Photographer to choose the best and most flattering items for you.

When you arrive at our studio for your session we will review the selections that you brought and work with you to make the final selections. Our Photographer is a master at matching outfits to backgrounds and settings. In addition to wardrobe such as mini-skirts, short shorts, lingerie sets, corsets, stockings & garters, tight fitting jeans, etc. - you may also consider bringing things that belong to your significant other. These might include a sports jersey, his shirt, favorite tie, hat, etc. The choices are endless and the more thought you put into making these photos ‘special’ the better.

Additionally you will want to bring along plenty of shoes, heels, boots, jewelry, accessories, scarves, belts, hats and props. Props are those things that you hold in your hand or that sit alongside of you. Examples of props would be things like a pretty perfume bottle, rock-n-roll guitar, feather boa, football, handcuffs, a whip, etc.

***Make sure to check out the Galleries throughout our website and on our blog for great ideas on what to bring.

Q: How do I Prepare for my Photo Session?
A: Please make sure that you iron all the outfits that wrinkle and place them on hangers. If we have to stop the photo session to iron something it will really slow us down. Make sure you wear “loose fitting” clothing on the day of your session. The reason for this is that tight clothing such as panties, jeans, bras, etc. will leave “lines and marks” on your skin that can take hours to go away. Do not experiment with self-tanning chemicals or a new hairstyle the day of your photo session. Self-Tanners and sunburns (including those in the tanning both) are almost always a problem. Let us add color to fair completions with our lighting and computer magic. Make sure to moisturize your skin a few times before you come to your photo session. However don’t use any body oils or self-tanners because they may rub off on our expensive props & sets. Even if you use one of our Professional Make-up artists please bring your own make-up and hair products. These may be needed for touch ups and to freshen your look throughout the session.

Q: Do I do my own make-up and hair?
A: This is our second most ask question. In our experience the answer depends on the “look” you are after in your boudoir portraits. Most women can do a nice job on their own make-up. If you are wanting a more “natural beauty” style of sexy portrait then you should be able to do your own make-up. However, if you are going for a look that requires lots of make-up such as a “Pin-up” or “Glamour Girl” we might recommend a Professional Make-up Artist. We have several professional Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists available for an additional fee. Professional fees are normally in the $75-$100 range. Make sure to speak with us if you are considering a Professional for make-up and hair

Q: Do you do Maternity Portraits?
A: Nude and semi-nude maternity sessions are very popular these days. Simply call us to book a session. Additionally we do Mom with newborn sessions.

Q: I found a really cool photo in a magazine and I want to do something just like it for myself. Is that possible?
A: It is always a great idea to look through magazines and websites to find poses and ideas that you’d like to try during your photo session. Bring those “sample ideas” along with you to show us during your pre-consultation or on the day of your photo session. Our goal is to capture the looks and poses that you really want.

Q: Where do I get more information on your Prices & Packages?
A: We are happy to provide you with our prices. Simply call, text or email us at: (770)354-5047 or with your questions. As an example we have a 1 Wardrobe Change Session for $97.

Q: What is your Payment Policy?
A: We prefer to have you prepay your Session Fee on the day of your Pre-Consultation. You’ll pay for all Prints & Products when you place your order.

Q: I’ve completed my Boudoir Session. What happens next?
A: About a week after your sexy photo session you will come back to our Studio for a show-n-tell on our big projection screen with our Photographer. We will have edited your photography and done some minor enhancements. During the show-n-tell you will choose your top favorites for the Prints & Products of your choosing. We have a large selection of Prints, Frames, Books, Albums, DVDs, etc.

Q: Can I buy a DVD of all my Photographs?
A: Yes - we offer single digital images, digital image packages and also a DVD of all images.

Q: I think it would be cool to have some of my boudoir portraits on your website. Would you do that for me?
A: We add new Portfolio favorites to our Websites and Blog several times a year. Let us know what favorites you have and we will try to include them. Please note that as a Professional Portrait Studio we are required to have all of our clients sign a “model’s release” before we can photograph them. Let me mention that we respect for our client’s privacy. Before we upload any images to our website we will ask for your written permission.

Q: How do I schedule a Session?
A: Simply call or text us at 770-354-5047, email us at Of simply contact us from our Contact Page here on this website.

Feel free to call or email with any additional questions that you may have. We are happy to help.

Call or text us at (770) 354-5047


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